Direct access summit by elevator

Eiffel tower direct access tour to Summit by Elevator

The Eiffel Tower Summit is the most popular and also the most visited level of this iconic monument.  With this Eiffel Tower Summit ticket, get … Read More

Eiffel tower summit

Eiffel Tower Summit

After you complete your tour around the second floor, it’s time to move to the top of the tower, the Eiffel Tower Summit. You will … Read More

Eiffel tower gardens

Eiffel Tower Gardens

A trip to the Eiffel Tower is incomplete without passing through this haven of tranquility and peace— The Gardens. The Gardens around the Eiffel tower … Read More

Eiffel tower esplanade

Eiffel Tower The Esplanade

Discover the base level of the Eiffel tower, The Esplanade, and get ready to get a headstart on your trip. Witness and fall in love … Read More

Eiffel tower first floor

The First Floor of Eiffel Tower

The next level after Esplanade is the first floor of the Eiffel tower. At the height of 137 meters above ground level, you can witness … Read More

Second Floor of Eiffel Tower

The Second Floor of Eiffel Tower

Welcome to the second floor of the Eiffel tower, the last stop before getting to the top of the tower. At the height of 377 … Read More

Eiffel tower tour and cruise at night

Eiffel Tower Direct Access and Cruise by Night

Cruise along the Seine river after sunset and soak in the true essence of Paris, all shimmering with lights.  Start your journey with a Night … Read More

Second floor by stairs and summit by elevator

Tour to 2nd Floor by Stairs and Summit by Elevator

Enjoy this tour to the 2nd floor by stairs and Summit by elevator, experiencing the fantastic thrill of climbing 704 steps to reach the Eiffel … Read More

Eiffel tower elevator to summit

Tour to Summit by Elevator

Meet your guide at the tower entrance and start your tour to Summit by Elevator. Your guide will introduce you to this magnificent tower’s history … Read More

Eiffel tower second floor by elevator

Eiffel Tower Tour to 2nd Floor by Elevator

Get yourself ready to head straight up to the second floor of the famous Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower second-floor ticket by elevator is one … Read More