Eiffel Tower Direct Access Tour to 2nd Floor by Elevator


This Eiffel tower ticket offers direct access to the second floor by elevator.

You must meet your host to collect your entrance tickets. Listen to the exciting stories about this magnificent tower. 

With your entrance ticket, start your journey to the tower’s second floor using a lift. 

Soak in the beautiful view of the capital city with this Eiffel tower second-floor ticket

Once you are done exploring the second floor, find your way down to the first and enjoy a breathtaking experience on the glass compound.

Eiffel tower direct access
Access to Eiffel tower’s First floor 
Access to Eiffel tower 2nd floor (By Lift)
Host or greeter
Access to the Eiffel tower’s top floor
(The summit)

Ticket prices:

Visitors’ AgePrice (€)
Adults (3 years and above)€39
Infants (Below 3 years)Not Permitted 

Things to Remember

  • Pets, weapons or sharp objects, smoking, luggage, and non-folding strollers are not allowed within the premises.
  • Even with direct access, the waiting time could reach up to 25 minutes to get to the security and elevator lines.

Featured Image: toureiffel.paris

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