Eiffel Tower First Floor

The next level after Esplanade is the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower first floor height is 137 meters above ground level, from where you can witness the true elegance of the city of light.

The Eiffel Tower first floor is primarily famous for its transparent glass floor, which provides visitors with an absolutely breathtaking experience.

Major Attractions at Eiffel Tower First Floor

The first floor of the Eiffel Tower has earned a name in the hearts of tourists, making people wonder what makes the first floor so special. 

So, here’s the answer to all your questions— have a look at the major attractions on the First floor of The Iron Lady.

Glass Floor

The glass floor of the Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the main attraction on the Eiffel Tower first floor.

Its transparent floor was installed on the auspicious occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Iron lady in 2014.

Get on this floor and experience the most astounding moments while seeing the Esplanade right beneath your feet, standing 137 meters high above the ground.

Areas designed for relaxation

Eiffel Tower first floor also offers you places that are the best spots to relax with a perfect view of the city.

These areas are present on the large terrace and the Ferrie Pavilion.

Every takeaway stands on this terrace has a mural decoration depicting the story of 130 long years of this tower.

Spiral staircase 

This Spiral Staircase connected the tower’s top floor with the second floor.

Gustave Eiffel used to visit and reach the Summit using this staircase.

As the stairs became outworn, it was taken down in 1983, and several pieces were auctioned for an excellent price.

A piece of this historic staircase measuring 4.30 meters in height can be seen on the tower’s first floor.

Restaurants and shops at Eiffel Tower First Floor

On your way up inside the tower, you will come across various Eiffel Tower first floor restaurant and shops offering the best meals, refreshments, and a wide variety of souvenirs.

Get your tastebuds ready to experience the absolute delicacy with a beautiful view of the capital offered by Madame Brasserie.

Situated on the first floor of the tower, this restaurant is known for its contemporary cuisine seasoned with the best local ingredients.

You will find the Eiffel Tower’s largest boutique here on the first floor offering an extensive collection of souvenirs, games, and perfumes.

You can also find books based on the Eiffel Tower here that will enrich your knowledge about this tower’s history, sites, and more.

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Featured Image: Toureiffel.paris