Eiffel Tower Guided Tour Tickets

If you’re visiting Paris, you must see the iconic Eiffel Tower. And to make the experience even more memorable, consider booking a guided tour. 

With Eiffel Tower guided tour tickets, you can avoid long queues by having an experienced guide show you all the main points and provide interesting information about the tower’s history and construction. 

You’ll get to witness amazing panoramic views of the city from the top of the tower and learn about the tower’s importance in Parisian culture and heritage. 

Here are some of the best Eiffel Tower guided tour tickets.

1. Eiffel Tower Summit or Second Floor Access

Eiffel Tower Summit
Image: Getyourguide.com

Experience the magnificent Eiffel Tower like never before with our Eiffel Tower guided tour tickets! 

Say goodbye to long lines and wait times with our access ticket to the second level and, if chosen, the summit. 

As you take the lift to the second floor, your professional guide will educate you about the interesting history of this landmark. 

From the observation deck, view the amazing panoramic views of Paris and identify sights like Notre Dame Cathedral and Les Invalides. 

If you choose the summit, you can also take in even more breathtaking views from a higher viewing platform.

Ticket Highlights:

  • Select an access ticket to the Eiffel Tower’s second floor or the summit. 
  • Enjoy the stunning views of Paris. 
  • Discover the past of the Eiffel Tower

What’s included:

  • Access to the second floor or summit  (depending on the choice picked)
  • Access to the Eiffel Tower for as long as you like
  • Presentation (in English only)
  • Guided tour 
  • Professional Tour guide 
  • Food and drinks

Ticket Price:

Age Of VisitorsTicket TypeTicket Price
Adults (up to 99 years)Second Floor Access€ 69 (US$ 76)
Adults (up to 99 years)Summit Access€ 100 (US$ 110)

Important Information:

Know before you go:

  • There can be a queue for security and elevators. 
  • During high season, depending on the crowd at the Eiffel Tower, it may take longer. 
  • No hazardous items, such as swords, club-like weapons, tools, glassware, glass bottles, or beverage cans, may be carried into public spaces. 
  • Late arrivals will not be admitted, will be considered no-shows, and will not be entitled to a refund.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 24-hour Cancellation Policy.

2. Eiffel Tower Stair Climb to Level 2 w/ Summit Option

Experience the Eiffel Tower like never before with a guided walking tour. 

Your experienced guide will engage you with interesting information and stories about the famous monument during the Eiffel Tower guided climb.

Enjoy the amazing scenery as you walk up the stairs to the second floor

On the first floor, take a break and walk on the 57-meter-high glass floor to capture some amazing pictures. 

Continue to the 2nd-floor observation deck for bird’s-eye views over Paris. 

Upgrade your ticket to the Summit for panoramic views of Paris and Gustave Eiffel’s office.

Ticket Highlights:

  • Take the trek up 704 stairs to the Eiffel Tower’s second floor as a challenge. 
  • View the Paris skyline from various viewpoints. 
  • On the first floor, walk out onto the 57-meter-high glass floor. 
  • From the second floor of the Tower, enjoy the stunning 360-degree view. 
  • Learn new knowledge and hear insights from your professional guide.

What’s included:

  • English-speaking tour guide 
  • Entry ticket to the Eiffel Tower’s second floor 
  • Use headsets to ensure you can always hear your guide when necessary. 
  • Summit access (if the option is chosen) 
  • Tips 
  • Pickup and drop-off at hotels 
  • Tickets booked in advance

Ticket Price:

The 2nd-floor ticket of the Eiffel Tower can be upgraded with summit access as well (only at the time of online purchasing).

1. Standard Group Tour in English With 2nd-floor access (Without Summit Tickets):

Age Of VisitorsTicket Price
Adults (19 to 99 years)€ 39 (US$ 43)
Children (4 to 18 years)€ 34 (US$ 37)
Infant (Under 4 years)Free Entry

2. Standard Group Tour in English with Summit Tickets:

Age Of VisitorsTicket Price
Adults (19 to 99 years)€ 59 (US$ 65)
Children (4 to 18 years)€ 54 (US$ 59)
Infant (Under 4 years)Free Entry

Important Information:

What to bring?

  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Water

Not Allowed:

  • Luggage
  • Baby Strollers

Know before you go:

  • The guided part of the trip ends on the second floor. If you include the third-floor access, this will become unguided. 
  • A ticket to the third floor cannot be purchased on the day. Because of to the popularity of the Eiffel Tower, we occasionally face security or ticket desk queue delays while obtaining entrance tickets. 
  • Please plan on spending at least 30 minutes in the queue for security during the peak times (April to October), 45 minutes to purchase your ticket and more during weekends and school vacations.
  • In low season (November to March), allow at least 15 minutes for security and 30 minutes for the ticket counter.
  • Please remember that the summit may be closed because of bad weather or a high volume of visitors. 
  • If this occurs, you won’t need to contact us. You’ll get a refund for summit access within 5–10 days.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 24-hour Cancellation Policy.

3. Eiffel Tower Summit or Second Floor Access:

Eiffel Tower
Image: Getyourguide.com

With an expert guide, enjoy panoramic views of Paris from the second-floor observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. 

Discover interesting stories and details about the tower’s history and architecture. 

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Notre Dame, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Les Invalides. 

After the guided tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the tower independently. 

Upgrade your ticket to access the summit and enjoy more amazing city views. 

Before coming down, take advantage of the new glass floor on the first floor.

Ticket Highlights:

  • Get access to the Eiffel Tower’s second floor. 
  • Enjoy panoramic views of Notre Dame, the Louvre, and other Parisian landmarks.
  • Discover more about the history of the Eiffel Tower. 
  • With optional summit access, you may enjoy unmatched city views. 
  • Book a Seine River optional cruise.

What’s included:

  • Access to the second floor and summit (depending on the choice picked)
  • Guide (The Guided tour ends on the second floor)
  • Seine River Cruise (if the option is chosen)
  • Tips 
  •  Transportation

Ticket Price:

Age Of VisitorsTicket TypeTicket Price
Adults (up to 99 years)Access to the 2nd Floor€ 69 (US$ 76)
Adults (up to 99 years)Access 2nd Floor & Summit€ 89 (US$ 98)

Important Information:

Not allowed: 

  • Oversize Luggage
  • Baby strollers
  • Sharp items

Know before you go:

  • You might have to wait in queue for security and elevators. 
  • It might take up to 25 minutes to get to the second floor during peak hours. 
  • Summit ticket holders will have to wait in the queue on the 2nd floor to use the summit lifts. 
  • This wait may extend for an additional 20 minutes at peak times. 
  • Please know that you cannot pick up your Eiffel Tower ticket early. 
  • Tours go on regardless of the weather 
  • The guided tour will only last to the second floor, so it will be over in under two hours. You will go to the summit on your own (if the option is selected). 
  • The Eiffel Tower does not provide a baggage facility for items like wheeled bags, heavy luggage, non-folding strollers, etc.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 24-hour Cancellation Policy.


What is a private guided tour of Eiffel Tower? 

An Eiffel Tower guided tour gives you skip-the-line access to the tower with an expert guide.

The guide will tell you interesting stories about the Eiffel Tower and its history and will lead your tour with years of experience. 

How long is the guided tour?

The guided tours of the Eiffel Tower are usually 1.5 hours to 2 hours long.

However, the tour duration can vary depending on your chosen ticket.
So, It’s better to know every aspect of Eiffel Tour Timing, so that you can plan your tour accordingly.

Is taking a guided tour of the Eiffel Tower worth it?

The Eiffel Tower guided tour is worthwhile since it gives visitors skip-the-line access and a knowledgeable guide.

It also lets you have a deep understanding of the history of the tower.

Is it required to buy a guided tour ticket in advance?

No, booking a guided tour of the Eiffel Tower in advance is not mandatory.

But, a wise decision would be to book guided tours in advance because, due to such a massive crowd at the attraction, you can never be sure if you can secure a guided tour directly at the attraction.

Are children permitted on the guided tour?

Yes, children are allowed on the Eiffel Tower guided tour, but age restrictions may apply for some tours.

Can I take pictures while on the Guided tour of the Eiffel Tower?

Yes, you can take photographs throughout the guided tour. However, sometimes, there can be some exceptions where photography is restricted.

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