Eiffel Tower Stores


The visitors touring around the Eiffel Tower always wish to buy the products that make their trip memorable.

There are various shops in the Eiffel Tower; you can find them on The Esplanade, First floor, and Second floor

These stores deal in a wide range of products and souvenirs.

Each Eiffel Tower shop has its own specialty regarding gourmets, fabrics, homes, etc.

Get to the rendezvous boutique near the West pillar’s information booth on Esplanade. 

This rendezvous boutique is known as the meeting point and deals in several kinds of souvenirs.

Visit the Kiosk at the east pillar of the tower; this boutique houses some of the most incredible Eiffel Tower gifts and mementos. 

The souvenirs here will help you understand the history of the tower. 

On the first floor, visit the largest boutique of the tower, offering a variety of souvenirs, games, and perfumes, along with books and products made in France.

Moving on to the next level of the tower, visit the “la Verriere” gift shop on the second floor. 

Find a collection of Eiffel Tower replicas within its glass-made transparent walls.

If you wish to buy something unique for souvenirs, get to the Seine gift shop offering souvenirs made out of laser engravings on glass.

Featured Image: toureiffel.paris

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