Eiffel Tower Summit or Second Floor

As an object of desire and fascination, the Eiffel Tower never fails to impress its millions of visitors every year.

Since no tall buildings exist in the city center, the Eiffel Tower majestically rises above the skyline.

You may be lucky to see it from your hotel balcony or while exploring the city. 

But the best way to experience this monument’s beauty is to stand atop it and gaze down at Paris.

There are three tower platforms— the first level, the second level and the summit, and each offers unique views.

Purchase a ticket to the Eiffel tower Summit or second floor in advance to access all the floors.


Your Eiffel Tower journey will start from the ground floor and ascend to the top floor. 

The 1st floor will welcome you with great cultural and entertaining displays to deepen your experience.

While your arrival on the 2nd floor will be marked by amazement as it is home to shops and dining options for your whole family.

In the end, you can witness thousands of promises of undying love on the tower’s top floor.

With one open-air and another indoor floor, you can take a stroll and enjoy the views day or night.

So, if you are traveling to Paris, you should set aside an amount to go up the Eiffel tower Summit or the second floor. It is worth the money!

Eiffel Tower entrance

Eiffel Tower entrance
Image: Giacomo / Getty Image

The Eiffel Tower has two central openings on the ground floor— the south and the east.

With over twenty thousand visitors daily, the gate can get crowded fast.

To avoid these long queues, get an entry ticket to the East entrance.

The east entrance is generally less crowded and gives you ample time to explore The Gardens.

Stairs or lifts – which one should you choose

Of the 1665 steps from the ground, you can only climb 674 from the bottom to the second floor. 

You can not take stairs all the way to the top for safety reasons.

So, to go from the second floor to the top, you can take Duolift elevators.

Purchase skip-the-line Eiffel tower tickets and get access to the first and second floors.

Note: Access to the Summit is by elevators only and is not a part of primary tickets. You need to buy the direct access tickets separately.

You can also purchase a tour to the 2nd floor by stairs and Summit by elevator.

Climb up 704 steps to the 2nd floor, take the elevator to the summit and hear about Eiffel Tower insights from your expert guide.

First Floor of Eiffel Tower

The first floor of the Iron Lady is a perfect place to take a break.

There is a terrace with seats, a bar, a restaurant, a store and a museum exhibition.

Since there is a Ferrie Pavilion with screens, displays and digital albums, you can study all the aspects of the Eiffel Tower. 

You can also experience some breathtaking sights thanks to its transparent glass floor. 

So, climb on and feel the thrill.

Restaurants & shops:

On the 1st level, Avenue Gustave Eiffel serves high-quality dinner. 

You can skip the wait by making the reservation in advance.

It also features souvenir and snack shops, educational and cultural exhibitions and a play area for children. 

Eiffel Tower’s second floor

The second level is the most picturesque views that travelers love to visit.

It is neither too high nor too low and is perfect for seeing the capital from a different perspective.

There are two areas- the main level and the observation deck from where you can see the various attractions of Paris. 

With telescopes at the observatory deck, you can admire monuments such as the Louvre, the Seine River, Notre Dame, the Grand Palace, and much more.

The Parisian skyline also looks beautiful from the eiffel tower summit access during sunsets and at night.

Plus, there are more great places to eat and enjoy macaroons.

Restaurants & shops

The Eiffel Tower’s second floor has a complete package of famous gift shops and dining options. 

Set 125 meters above the ground, The Jules Verne restaurant, eiffel tower 2nd floor restaurant, is known for its best dining experience.

Moreover, the restaurant’s dishes reveal the best taste while emphasizing aromas and flavors.

  • For lunch, guests can savor a 3-course menu. 
  • For dinner, guests can choose between a 5-course and a 7-course tasting menu.

So, do not forget to book your table in this exceptional setting.

Within the transparent wall, the ‘La Verriere’ gift shop offers the most extensive collection of the Eiffel Tower replicas.

Seine Gift shop is another souvenir store for laser engravings on glass and accessories.

Summit- 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower

The third floor of the Eiffel Tower is smaller, but you can see across miles from up here.

A glass-walled lift will take you from the second floor to the Summit, as the stairs are not open to visitors. 

At the height of 276 meters, you can capture the beauty of this city of love as the tower sparkles around you at night.

This topmost level also features Gustave Eiffel’s office, the tower’s architect. 

You can see what his office looked like back in the day. 

It comprises life-sized wax figures of Gustave and his daughter, Claire greeting American inventor Thomas Edison. 

It also features a gramophone that Edison gave to Gustave.

At last, raise a toast to a fantastic tour and unwind with the whole city.

Restaurants & shops

You can savor a glass of champagne at The Champagne Bar at the top of the Eiffel tower.

It offers you a choice between chilled rose or white champagne.

Non-alcoholic drinks are also available, so there is something for everyone.

How high should you go?

Straight answer: Up to the Summit!

You should go up to the top if you can find the tickets to see the Eiffel Tower. 

We advise you to stay at the tower for at least two hours and consider eating a meal there.

But Summit tickets are challenging to come by.

So, book your tickets months in advance to avoid missing out on a memorable trip. 

Eiffel Tower ticket options

With tons of tourists flocking to the Iron Lady every day, getting the tickets is not an easy task. 

Especially if you are planning your trip during the summer or weekend, remember that millions of visitors are waiting to buy tickets on the same day.

Hence, to have a hassle-free experience, look at the different options and compare them to make a choice quickly.

Guide, host, or solo

Depending on how you would like the experience, you can choose standard tickets or a guided tour

Entry tickets will only get you to enter and make your way up by yourself.

But with direct access tour tickets, a host will accompany you to the 2nd floor and then leave you to explore independently. 

A visit to the Eiffel Tower will give you pictures, feelings and emotions that you will remember for a long time.

Eiffel Tower second-floor access tickets

You can go to the first and second levels of the Eiffel Tower by elevators or staircases. 

Elevators only stop at the second level when going up but stop at the first level when going down. 

Tour to the 2nd floor by stairs

This Eiffel Tower ticket will allow you to take the 704 steps to the second level.

You can meet your guide there to learn more about the famous structure and architecture.

There are rest areas available on the way to the Eiffel tower second-floor stairs to take a break, where you can see a side of the city that you would miss if you used the elevator.

Ticket price

Visitors’ AgePrice (€)
Adult (up to 99 years)€34
Children (4 to 18 years)€29
Infant (0 to 3 years)Free entry

What to pack

  • ID card or passport
  • Suitable footwear
  • Water 
  • Weather appropriate clothing

What not to bring

  • Pets 
  • Weapons or sharp objects
  • Baby carriages
  • Smoking baggage or bulky luggage

Eiffel Tower direct access tour to 2nd floor by elevator ticket

You can enjoy direct access to the second floor with the Eiffel Tower second-floor ticket.

Get your Eiffel Tower access tickets from your host and take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

After reaching, admire the panoramic sights of the city’s well-known monuments at your leisure.

See the Seine River with riverboats and watch the city and its distinct vibe from your best point.

After exploring the second floor, proceed to the first-floor observation deck.

You can explore the exhibit and stroll on the glass floor 57 meters above street level.

Things to know before you go

  • To participate in this activity, infants up to 3 years must purchase a standard adult ticket.
  • You may have to wait in line for security and elevators even if you have direct access. 
  • It can take up to 25 minutes during peak season.

Ticket price

Visitors’ AgePrice (€)
Adult tickets (up to 99 years)€49

Note: After purchasing your ticket, you will not be able to upgrade to a Summit ticket.

Tour to the Summit of the Eiffel tower by elevator

With this Eiffel tower Summit ticket, you can begin your journey by meeting your guide and listening to the monuments’ history.

Once you reach the peak, admire Notre Dame Cathedral, the Rocadéro Gardens and the Hôtel des Invalides with its golden dome.

Ticket price

Adult tickets (up to 99 years): €46

Ticket includes

  • Access to Eiffel Tower 1st floor
  • Access to Eiffel Tower 2nd floor and Summit by elevator
  • Live tour guide (not for the Summit)

Direct Access Tour to Summit by Elevator

You can save time with this direct access ticket to the Summit by elevator.

After exploring the second floor, catch the glass-walled elevator to reach the top.

You’ll enjoy panoramic views of the city’s iconic landmarks like Gustave Eiffel’s office or a glass of champagne at the Champagne Bar.

Ticket price:

Visitors’ AgePrice (€)
Adult ticket (4+ years)€52
Infants ticket (up to 4 years)Not Permitted

Ticket includes:

  • Eiffel Tower Summit entry ticket
  • 1st and 2nd-floor entry ticket
  • Access to Eiffel Tower Summit by elevator
  • Host or greeter

Not suitable for

  • People with mobility impairments
  • Wheelchair users
  • Children under 4 years

Tour to 2nd floor by stairs and Summit by elevator

Upon arrival on the second floor, you can experience a sense of accomplishment by climbing 704 steps.

Afterward, you can get on the elevator to the Summit and continue your adventure on your own. 

Once you reach the third floor, explore Paris from high up and when you are ready, take the elevator back down to the street level to continue your day.

Ticket price:

Visitors’ AgePrice (€)
Adults (19 to 99 years)€62
Children (4 to 18 years)€57
Infants (up to 3 years)Free entry

Ticket includes:

  • Access to Eiffel Tower 1st floor
  • Access to Eiffel Tower 2nd floor by stairs
  • Access to Eiffel Tower Summit by elevator
  • Live tour guide

Not suitable for

  • Pregnant women
  • People with mobility impairments, heart problems or vertigo
  • Wheelchair users

You can also consider getting the Paris city pass if you plan to visit many attractions. 

Make the most of your plan by combining the open-top bus tour of Paris, covering every sight in the city, with a 1-hour cruise on the river Seine

Hop on and off at any stop to explore the city at your convenience.

After enjoying the unforgettable views of Paris and its monuments, you can hop on the boat and relax while sailing across the Seine.

Daytime or sunset skip-the-line Eiffel Tower tour

This skip-the-line ticket will save you time and ensure you make the most of your trip to Paris.

Depending on the option chosen, take the elevator to the second floor or the Summit.

If you pick the option that includes a visit to the top, you must change elevators; otherwise, you will only see the first and second levels.

This event promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime event during your stay in Paris.

Ticket price:

Visitors’ AgePrice (€)
Adult tickets (up to 99 years)€48

Ticket includes:

  • Eiffel Tower entry ticket
  • Local tour guide
  • Elevator access

The tour is not suitable for people afraid of heights.

Guided tour outside the Eiffel Tower & Summit ticket

Book this small-group tour that includes a self-directed walk of the Eiffel Tower and a guided walking tour of the Trocadéro and the Champ de Mars.

After the walking tour, your guide will accompany you to the Eiffel tower Summit or Eiffel tower 2nd-floor tickets line.

You will have the chance to enjoy every angle and understand the beautiful science that keeps the structure standing.

Ticket price

Visitors’ AgePrice (€)
Adult (19 to 99 years)€44
Children (4 to 18 years)€42
Infant (0 to 4 years)Free entry

Ticket includes:

  • Walking tour of the Trocadéro neighborhood and Champ de Mars 
  • Reservation and entry to the 1st and 2nd floors of the Eiffel Tower 
  • Access to the 3rd floor (when the Summit option is selected)

Which ticket to choose- the Eiffel Tower Summit or the 2nd floor?

Many people are debating whether they should spend money on Summit tickets.

The simple answer is that maybe the views of the city are more beautiful from the second level, but nothing beats the feeling you get when you reach the top.

Hence, buy your tickets well in advance because Summit tickets are in high demand and quickly sell out.

If no Summit tickets are available on your visit, you can purchase second-floor tickets and try your luck on the day of your adventure.

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