Facts about Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is the most famous attraction around the globe and holds a lot of stories to tell. The Eiffel Tower facts undoubtedly is an exciting topic and attract many people’s attention.

  • The Eiffel Tower has a hidden apartment at the top.

    When Gustave Eiffel constructed the Eiffel Tower, he also built himself a private apartment at the top of the tower.

    He conducted experiments here and hosted some of his distinguished and well-known guests, such as Thomas Edison.
  • There are names of specific people engraved on the Eiffel tower.

    This includes scientists, architects, and engineers; a total of 72 names are engraved on the tower.
  • The Eiffel tower changes its height.

    The paddled iron used in the tower contracts in winter and expands in summer by up to 15 cm.
  • The heavy maintenance of The Eiffel tower.

It needs 60 tons of paint every seven years to keep the essence of the Eiffel Tower alive. 

This maintenance work helps keep the iron safe from rusting.

  • The Eiffel tower was supposed to get demolished after 20 years.

    The tower was solely built to mark the significance of industrial and architectural strength in the rest of the world. 

    Initially, it was meant to be taken down after 20 years.

    Gustave Eiffel’s idea to install a radio antenna at the top of the tower represented the usefulness of the tower. 

    Thus, the government aborted its demolition plan.
  • You can see the Eiffel tower moving.

    The brilliant construction of the tower keeps wind resistance to a minimum.

    However, when the weather gets rusty, you can see the tower swaying up by up to 9 cm.
  • Eiffel Tower is married.

    Many of you will find this hard to believe but it’s actually true.

    Erika LaBrie, or Erika Eiffel, is a competitive archer and runs an organization that advocates for object sexuality.

    She felt an instant attraction towards the tower on her first encounter in 2004 and was married to the tower in 2007 in a commitment ceremony.

Featured Image: toureiffel.paris

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