How to reach Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel tower is situated in Champ de Mars, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France.

There are many transportation options available all around the city to get to the Eiffel tower.

You can choose any means of transportation mentioned above to find your way to the Eiffel tower.

By Metro

Thanks to the advanced metro lines, there are more than enough ways around the city that connects it to the Eiffel tower.

Three metro lines can get you to the tower.

Take Line 6 (Green) that connects Nation metro to Mairie de Montreuil and get off at Bir-Hakeim metro.

The tower is just a 10-minute walk from here.

Get on Line 9 (Yellow) running between Pont de Sèvres to Mairie de Montreuil.

Exit at Trocadéro métro

It’s a 14-minute walk from here to the tower.

You can also use Line 8 (purple), running between Balard metro to Créteil metro and alight at Ecole Militaire metro

Walk for 15 minutes to reach the tower.

By Bus

Several bus routes around the city will take you to the Eiffel tower.

Bus lines 82, 30, 42, 86, 69 or 72 will get you to the tower.

Line 82 and 30 will lead you to the Eiffel tower stop, from where it’s just a 4-minute walk to the attraction.

While Line 69 and 86 will take you to Champ de Mars, just 6 minutes away from the tower.

While line 72 will take you to the Eiffel tower, and line 42 will get you to Tour Eiffel, making it a 15-minute and 5 minutes walk, respectively.


The Réseau Express Régional (RER) is a regional train transport system in Paris connecting the center to its surrounding suburbs.

You can reach the Eiffel tower using Line C of the RER. 

Get off at Champ-de-Mars station, and a 7-minute walk will get you to the attraction.

By Car

If you plan to drive to the Eiffel tower, you must be aware that the tower does not provide any parking facilities.

The Eiffel tower is connected to all the suburbs by a map of road networks.

The time taken and the shortest path to reach the tower can vary depending on the starting point.

For reference, starting from the 1st arrondissement of Paris, the shortest route to the Eiffel tower is via Quai d’Orsay. 

But you are likely to face more traffic on this route.

You can also use Av. de New York as it’s the fastest route to the tower.

Another choice is to drive to the tower via Rue la Boétie.

By Boat

You can also get to the tower by boat via the Seine river. 

This really is an excellent way to get to the attraction while enjoying the boat ride along the seine.

Going by boat, you need to get off at the Batobus-Tour Eiffel stop

It’s a 4-minute walk to the attraction from this stop.

Around Eiffel Tower

Once you reach the Tower, navigating your way around the tower and getting to the entrances is an important part of the tour.

Getting to Esplanade

The Esplanade is the bottom of the Eiffel tower.

The South entrance and the East entrance are the two entrances to the Esplanade.

There are security checkups at the entrance, and afterward, you can walk to the Esplanade, crossing the beautiful gardens.

It’s recommended that you choose the East entrance as it’s less crowded than the other.

Stairs or Lift

You should choose the entrances as per the mode you want to visit the Tower; by lift or by Summit.

If you plan to go up the tower using an elevator, you should head toward the East or West pillar of the tower.

Booking tickets in advance allows you to join the queue with the Green flag to access the tower directly.

On the other hand, If you don’t have your tickets, join the queue marked with a yellow flag for the Eiffel tower’s ticket office.

To climb the tower by the staircase, move towards the South pillar of the tower and get to the queue under the Blue Flag.

Climbing Sequence

The tower’s climbing sequence is descending, meaning you get to visit the upper levels (Second floor or Summit) first. 

Then, on your way back, you will visit the lower floor.

If you have an elevator access ticket, you can visit the Second floor by elevator, and it’s all up to you if you also choose to visit the Summit.

On your way back, you can explore the first floor and its marvelous glass floor.

However, if you have a stair ticket, you can explore the tower in order starting from the first floor and then moving up to the second floor

The stairs to the Summit are not accessible. 

This means, if you wish to visit the Summit, you should take the elevator from the second floor.

Feature Image: nacroba / Getty Images

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