Combo Tickets for the Louvre and Eiffel Tower!

About this Ticket  

This ticket provides a 4-hour combo experience of all Eiffel Tower levels and exhibits in the Louvre Museum, with an audio-guided 1-hour cruise on the Seine River. 

Begin your fun experience with a host who will guide you to the first and second levels, offering the most stunning views of all surrounding attractions and a clear 187-foot high glass flooring!

Hop onto the elevator to reach the Summit of the tower and see the bustling city from the tallest deck in Paris with a champagne glass in hand. 

Next, enter the artistic hallways of the Louvre Museum and see the famous Mona Lisa and other sculptures and art masterpieces at your own pace!

End your trip floating along the calming Seine River, and enjoy learning more about the attractions you pass by from an audio guide. 

You can take the 1-hour Seine River Cruise even after a short lunch or dinner break, as the ticket offers flexible timings. 

Ticket Highlights 

  • See a bird’s eye view of the City of Lights from the Summit deck.
  • Access to all three levels of the tallest monument in Paris.
  • Enjoy the photographic sights of all attractions from the Seine River Cruises.
  • Explore all hallways and exhibitions at the Louvre Museum. 

Ticket Inclusions 

✔️Elevator access to the Summit

✔️Guidance to the second level from an English-speaking host 

✔️Seine River Cruise ticket for an hour 

✔️Audio guide on the cruise (available in 14 languages)

✔️Entry to the Louvre Museum (closed only on Tuesdays)

❌Professional live Tour Guide 

❌Other events and exhibitions 

❌Optional tips

❌Transport facilities 

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Ticket Price

The Eiffel Tower and Louvre tickets with access to the Tower and entry to the Louvre with an additional 1-hour Seine River Cruise costs €140 for adults between 18 and 99 years. 

Citizens from Europe between 18 and 25 years old with ID proof can access this experience for €120.

Kids below 18 years can also access the experience for a discounted price of €120! 

Check out the table below for a better understanding of the available ticket prices and discounts. 

Ticket TypeAdult ticket (18-99 years)EU Citizen (18-25 years)Child ticket (17 years & younger)
Tickets for the Louvre and Eiffel Tower + Seine River Cruise€140€120€120

Cancellation Policy 

You will receive a 73% refund if you cancel your Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum tickets 24 hours in advance.

Visitors who cancel their tickets a day before the time slot booked will get a guaranteed 73% refund on the money they paid. 

Meeting Point 

You will meet your host outside the Le Champ de Mars Cafe.

Before visiting the monument, you must exchange your voucher for an Eiffel Tower ticket at this meeting point.

Arrive 15 minutes before the time slot booked so you don’t miss the host and your whole experience. 

Important Information About this Ticket 

  • Bring valid ID proof and your passport in case you are asked to show these at the entrance of the Tower or Louvre.
  • Charge your device before visiting so it remains active for long enough to show your voucher at the meeting point.
  • Pets and unaccompanied kids are not allowed on this experience.
  • Don’t carry large bags or suitcases with you.
  • The time you choose when booking your ticket is your Eiffel Tower visiting time. The timings for the Louvre Museum will be given to you after the booking is complete.
  • Your host will take you to the second level, and from there, you will have to continue a self-guided tour of the Summit. This ticket is not a guided tour option.
  • You must stand in line for security checks and the ground and second-floor elevator lines.
  • If the Summit is closed due to elevator maintenance or repair, you cannot request discounts or a refund on your ticket. 
  • Wheelchair users can only access the first and second floors of the Eiffel Tower.
  • You must use the Louvre ticket on the same day. The Seine River Cruise tickets can be used later on any day. 

About the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Seine River Cruise

  • Opening hours 

The Eiffel Tower is open on all days of the week from 9.15 am to 11.45 pm, with the last entry time being at 10.45 pm.

You can only ascend the Tower at 9.30 am, as the staircase and elevators open at this time.

The staircase closes at 10.45 pm, and the elevator closes at 11 pm, but be sure to check the official website as closing hours change regularly. 

The Louvre Museum is closed on Tuesdays and open from 9 am to 6 pm on other days, with the last entry being at 5 pm.

It is open for longer hours on Friday, from 9 am to 9.45 pm, with the last admission at 8.45 pm. 

The Seine River Cruises are active on all days of the week from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm.

From 10.30 am to 3.30 pm, the cruises depart every 45 minutes, and those from 3.30 pm to 10.30 pm depart every 30 minutes. 

  • Getting here

Le Champ de Mars Cafe is close to the Eiffel Tower, so the best way to get here is by taking lines 6 or 9 metro to Trocadero Station.

You can quickly get here by bus, RER, or a private vehicle! Check out our article on how to get to the Eiffel Tower to know more routes!

Visitors going to the Louvre Museum from the Eiffel Tower can catch bus number 72 to get there quickly.