Details for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower Dinner!

Details for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower Dinner!

Dinner on Valentine’s Day at the Eiffel Tower is the most magical experience in Paris, as the Tower offers the most romantic view of the sparkling city. 

You can enjoy a delicious and romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower, from the Michelin-star restaurant Madame Brasserie.

Visitors planning to visit the Paris Eiffel Tower for dinner must know all about the timings, ticket prices, and much more so they can plan early.

Read further to discover the restaurant in detail and find the best proposal and dining spot at the Eiffel Tower!

Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower dinner

Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower dinner

The Eiffel Tower dinner on Valentine’s Day is bound to make your partner feel special, as they can enjoy the stunning view of the city of love from up in the air.

Dinner is followed by a fun Valentine’s Day light show that is a must-see!

Madame Brasserie is the Eiffel Tower restaurant open on Valentine’s Day, having great charm and a romantic atmosphere.

This restaurant serves a romantic dinner and lavish lunch on Valentine’s Day. You must make reservations in advance for a smooth experience.

Madame Brasserie is on the first level of the Eiffel Tower, providing delicious and organic French cuisine with a surprise dessert on Valentine’s Day!

Eiffel Tower Dinner Restaurants

Eiffel Tower Dinner Restaurants

Madame Brasserie provides the most romantic dinner experience in the city, with the highest view of sparkling Paris from above.

Let’s explore the romantic restaurant in detail to decide if you want it as your proposal spot on Valentine’s Day! 

Madame Brasserie Restaurant 

Madame Brasserie Restaurant  In paris

Madame Brasserie Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

It is run by two-star Michelin Chef Thierry Marx, who specializes in serving traditional French cuisine using organic and local ingredients. 

You can dine at this restaurant without reservation, but we do not recommend this on Valentine’s Day because of the crowds.

You must book your table online in advance to avoid missing out on this delightful dining opportunity from the Tower. 

Two excellent menu options, The Gustave Menu and The Grande Dame Menu, and a special children’s menu are available at Madame Brasserie for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

The Gustave Menu 

The Gustave

This menu is named after Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower, and is the cheapest menu option available for dinner at the Eiffel Tower. 

You can choose one starter, a main course dish, a dessert, and a wine option per your preferences. 

Some options for entrees on the menu for Valentine’s Day include a Chicory salad with fresh goat cheese and smoked duck breast, Cream of Cauliflower Soup with Caviar, etc.

The main course contains various dishes, from beef, chicken, and fish, for a romantic and filling meal.

End your romantic dinner with a tasty Mont-Blanc Cake or Dark Chocolate ice cream!

Click here to see the complete Gustave Menu. 

Your meal includes a glass of Champagne Devaux, two glasses of wine per your choice, and other beverages. 

The Grande Dame Menu 

The Grande Dame

You must choose one starter, a main course dish, a dessert, and a drink option on the Grande Dame Menu.

This menu has more food options than the Gustave Menu for Valentine’s Day dinner.

You can find similar options for the entrees, like the Gustave Menu and an added dish of semi-cooked duck foie gras with an apple compote.

For the first main course dish, a Maison Vérot’s savory pie and meat will begin your romantic dinner.

You can choose from the beef, chicken, and bass options for the second main course dish, similar to the Gustave Menu. 

The restaurant serves bite-sized petit fours desserts and another dessert of your choice from the Grande Dame menu.

Click here to view the complete Valentine’s Day Grande Dame Menu. 

There will be a glass of champagne, two glasses of wine, and other beverages throughout the meal. 

The Children’s Menu is the same for dinner and Eiffel Tower lunch and is a much cheaper option, making the restaurant an excellent choice to visit with family!

Click here to see the complete Children’s Menu. 

Children below the age of four receive a 100% discount and can visit for free! 

Only on Valentine’s Day does Madame Brasserie offer a special four-course meal, with a special dessert, Baiser de Madame Brasserie, shaped like red lips! 

Planning to propose on Valentine’s Day at the Eiffel Tower? Check out our Valentine’s Day proposal guide article at the Eiffel Tower to have the most successful outcome! 

Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower Tickets for Dinner

Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower Tickets for Dinner

Valentine’s Day dinner tickets run out early, as the Eiffel Tower is the most romantic spot to dine in Paris on this day. 

We recommend you purchase your tickets from reliable websites like GetYourGuide, Viator, and Tiqets for a smooth experience on 14 February.

As the Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower experience in Paris is popular, many tickets are available. Tourists often find it confusing to choose the right one. 

Based on customer reviews, we have curated a list of the best and most popular Valentine’s Day tickets:

The Eiffel Tower dinner at Madame Brasserie ticket lets visitors pick a menu, timing, and seating on Valentine’s Day. 

The ticket has two options based on the different menus:

Gustave Menu with Drinks

This includes a starter, 3-course meal, dessert, and drinks from the menu. 

Ticket price: Adult ticket (12-99 years): €128 

Grande Dame Menu with Drinks

This option includes a starter, 3-course meal, dessert, and drinks as per your choice from the menu.

Ticket price: Adult ticket (12-99 years): €185

Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower dinner timings

The Eiffel Tower admission begins at 9.15 am, and the last entry is at 10.45 pm on Valentine’s Day.

Madame Brasserie Restaurant has two time slots available for dinner, at 6.30 pm and 9 pm, giving you enough time to explore the other floors before or after dinner.

Tips for a Romantic Dinner at the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day

Romantic Dinner

Here are some tips to ensure you have the most romantic dinner experience at the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day!

  • Book your tickets in advance online for the Eiffel Tower restaurant. The tickets are limited in number and sell out quickly on Valentine’s Day.
  • Don’t wear casual clothes or sportswear when visiting the restaurants. We recommend choosing a formal outfit for Valentine’s Day.
  • Check the weather in advance, so you can plan your outfit accordingly.
  • If you or your partner have any food allergies or restrictions, inform the restaurant in advance.
  • Avoid planning a last-minute proposal without informing the restaurant in advance. Also, avoid playing loud music in the restaurant. 
  • You must watch the Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower light show after dinner in the Tower. 
  • French is one of the most romantic languages in the world. Learn some simple French phrases in advance to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend during the meal. 
  • Use public transportation to the Eiffel Tower restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The roads might be crowded because of V-Day festivities. 
  • Avoid taking professional photos of the Valentine’s Day light show. The image would be copyrighted and illegal to use unless you ask permission from the authorities in advance.

FAQs for Eiffel Tower Valentine’s Day Dinner 

What is the price for dinner at the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day?

Madame Brasserie Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower serves two different menus for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Each of these menus, even though they fall under the same ticket, have different prices:

• The Gustave Menu: €128 
•The Grande Dame Menu: €185

What does the Eiffel Tower do on Valentine’s Day?

The Eiffel Tower is the most romantic spot on Valentine’s Day, with its Eiffel Tower light shows and stunning Paris view.

You can also enjoy a romantic dinner or lunch from the Michelin-star restaurants in the Tower. The best part is that all levels of the Tower have balloons and other pink and red decorations! 

What do you wear to Valentine’s Day dinner at the Eiffel Tower?

We recommend you wear formal attire for Valentine’s Day dinner at the Eiffel Tower. This will ensure you have better photographs and blend in well with other visitors. 

What are the prices for Valentine’s Day lunch at the Eiffel Tower?

Madame Brasserie and Jules Verne Restaurant serve lunch at the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day. The prices for lunch at the Eiffel Tower are: 

Lunch at Madame Brasserie: €61
Lunch at Jules Verne: €160

Different menus of the restaurants have different price ranges. Don’t forget to look for the age-based discounts! 

What are the Valentine’s Day light show timings?

The Valentine’s Day light show begins as soon as the sun sets. The Tower will sparkle for the first five minutes of every hour. The last light show is at 11 pm on 14 February.

What are the dinner timings at the Eiffel Tower Valentine’s Day?

The Madame Brasserie Restaurant will serve dinner at 6.30 pm and 9 pm on Valentine’s Day.

Is there a specific time limit to dine on Valentine’s Day at the Eiffel Tower?

No specific time limit is mentioned for dinner on Valentine’s Day at the Eiffel Tower.

Madame Brasserie might expect visitors to leave before 9 pm if they arrive for the 6.30 pm dinner time slot so they can accommodate other guests.

Can I ask for seating of my choice when booking a reservation for a Valentine’s Day Eiffel Tower dinner?

Yes, you can choose the seating and view when booking your reservation at Madame Brasserie on Valentine’s Day. 

What is the Eiffel Tower ticket price to visit the Summit on Valentine’s Day?

The standard entry Eiffel Tower ticket with access to the Summit on Valentine’s Day costs €106.

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