Grab-a-bite at Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower, the most famous attraction worldwide, is also known for its delightful restaurants that are gastronomic heavens at the tower.

These Eiffel tower restaurants are famous among both locals and tourists. 

The trip to the Eiffel tower is incomplete without tasting these mouth-watering cuisines. 

Just get to any of these Eiffel tower restaurants in Paris and adore the beauty of the marvelous city over a glass of wine or while you enjoy some authentic french cuisine.

Madame Brasserie

madamebrasserie eiffel tower

Let your taste buds feel the heavenly taste of contemporary cuisine made with local and seasonal ingredients. 

The Madame Brasserie welcomes you to the first floor of the tower. 

This Eiffel tower restaurant offers you a panoramic view of the Seine river, Trocadero, and the other magnificent skyscrapers around the city.

One of the most celebrated French Michelin-star chefs Thierry Marx will make you fall in love with his tasteful and appetizing recipes.

Le Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne eiffel tower

Located on the tower’s second floor, Jules Verne is a beautiful place to taste some exceptional French Gourmets.

Frédéric Anton runs this one-Michelin-starred restaurant; a french chef awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France. 

At a height of 125 meters, this restaurant offers an incredible view of Champ de Mars, Trocadero, and the whole city of Paris. 

This Eiffel tower restaurant is best known for its contemporary French Gourmet cuisine seasoned with the best local ingredients.

Champagne Bar

Champagne Bar of eiffel tower

The Champagne bar is at the top of the Eiffel tower. 

Get yourself a glass of champagne to raise a toast to the lovely view of the city shimmering in lights at a breathtaking height of 905 feet.

The Champagne bar offers you an unforgettable view of the city of lights.

And be assured, it’s worth all the climbing you will do to get there. 

The bar offers non-alcoholic drinks as well. 

So, if you are someone who prefers soft drinks, they got you covered.

The Buffets

The buffets are available on the Esplanade, the First floor and the tower’s second floor. 

Buffets are the best options to consider if you don’t want to have a proper sit-down meal and just grab some refreshments.

They offer a wide range of light meal options that suits all tastes. 

Savory to sweet and even hot to cold, they serve everything that you can enjoy whether on site or can have them for takeaway.

Macaroon Bar

macaroon bar of eiffel tower

If you have a sweet tooth, make a stop at the Macaroon Bar, located on the second floor of the tower.

They serve beautiful and delicious macarons in a range of flavors.

Choose your favorite flavors, including chocolate, coffee, vanilla, jasmine with gold flakes, caramel, grapefruit with gold flakes, raspberry, and many more.

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