Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower: Discover Which is the Best!

Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower: Discover Which is the Best!

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower has a replica in Japan known as Tokyo Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is known worldwide for its timeless structure and romantic ambiance that has touched the hearts of millions of visitors.

The Red Tokyo Tower, on the other hand, stands out on the skyline because of its bright colors and is a modern structure, symbolizing the resilience of Japan. 

But the question is, which of these two towers is the best to visit?

Visitors planning to visit one of these Towers must know which tower wins with better architecture, ticket pricing, crowds, and more.

Read more to discover as we compare the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower and figure out which one you should visit. 

Don’t forget to check out our personal favorite among the two! 

Which Tower is the Best? Our Recommendation

In this battle of the Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower, the original triumphs over its double.

The Eiffel Tower wins for its original engineering and iconic status as a global cultural landmark. 

The tower’s elegant design and sheer magnitude cemented its status as the definitive icon of Paris. 

While the Tokyo Tower puts up a worthy fight, the Eiffel Tower’s rich history and architectural elegance make it the clear winner in this battle of international towers.

Visitors seek the authenticity of the Paris Tower for an unmatched experience.

A Quick Overview: Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower

Eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower

Location: Paris, France

Height: 330 meters (1,083 feet)

Timings: 9.15 am to 11 pm 

Views from the deck: Seine River, Champ De Mars, and the entire city of Paris

– 2 levels of observation deck 
– Michelin-star dining restaurants and bar
– Gardens, Scenic Elevators
– Gift Shop
– Lounge area for private events

Ticket prices: €39



Tokyo Tower

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 333 m (1,092 feet)

Timings: 9 am to 10.30 pm 

Views from the deck: A clear view of Mt Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, and the entire city of Tokyo. 

– Observation deck
– Four elevators
– Tokyo Tower rooftop highball
– Garden Restaurant. 
– Guinness World Records Museum

Ticket prices: ¥1,200 (€8)

Height of Observation Decks- Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower

Image: Wikipedia.org, Seattletimes.com

The Eiffel Tower is 330 meters (1,083 feet) tall and provides a clear view of the entire city of Paris. 

It has the tallest deck in Paris, the Summit, at a height of 276 meters (906 feet), and another open-air deck on the second level, 102 meters (377 feet) above ground level.

You can also enjoy great views of Paris from the first level of the Eiffel Tower, which has huge windows on all sides and a clear glass floor at 57 meters (187 feet).

The Tokyo Tower in Japan is taller than the Eiffel Tower, standing at 333 meters (1,092 feet), and has two observation decks with huge glass windows.

The main deck is 150 meters (490 feet) tall and offers a scenic view of the surrounding highlights.  

The Tower also has a smaller observatory deck, which is 250 meters (819 feet) above ground level and provides a bird’s eye view of the entire Tokyo city. 

When we compare the Tokyo Tower’s height vs the Eiffel Tower’s height- the Tokyo Tower is a clear winner. But the Eiffel Tower has higher observatory decks, providing a better view of Paris City.

Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower- Which One Offers the Best View?

The Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower stand in different parts of the world, offering a different view of their respective cities.

The Eiffel Tower offers an eye-catching view from the first level of the calm Seine River of the surrounding esplanade and Gardens.

The second level of the Tower is great for those who want to see famous landmarks, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur Basilica, and many more from a new perspective!

The best view from the Summit is visible at sunset, as it is the most romantic, and you can enjoy a clear view of the entire city and skyline of Paris with a glass of champagne in hand. 

From the main deck of Tokyo Tower, you can see the other highlights of Tokyo, like Mt Fuji and Tokyo Skytree on clear days!

The deck at the top provides a kaleidoscopic view of the entire Tokyo city, as it has a mirrored ceiling, from where you can see a stunning reflection of the entire city of Tokyo!

The Eiffel Tower offers the most unobstructed view of the city, but the Tokyo Tower also provides a unique view of Tokyo City.

It is difficult to pick one Tower with the best view, as they are located in different cities.

Ticket Prices: Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower

It is not possible to enter the Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower without purchasing entry tickets, which you can buy online from the comfort of your home in your home currency.

The Eiffel Tower tickets for entry allow staircase access to the first and second levels of the Tower for €39. 

You can also add the option of visiting the Summit of the Eiffel Tower for a more mesmerizing and romantic view available at €59 (¥ 5,688).

The Tokyo Tower ticket allows you to access the Tokyo Tower Main Deck for ¥ 1,200 (€8), with many discounts available for children, youth, and students with ID proof!

You can purchase tickets to the exclusive top deck of Tokyo Tower only at the counter. Hence, arrive early to avoid crowded queues if you want to visit the topmost deck of the Tower.

Meanwhile, with the Eiffel Tower, you can always book your tickets online in the comfort of your own home.

When we compare the ticket prices of the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Tower is a much more affordable option! 

Features of the Eiffel Tower

You can have a complete Parisian experience at the Eiffel Tower, the most romantic spot in Paris.

The Tower is full of exciting experiences, like exploring the esplanade, dining at lavish restaurants, and more!

Here are some of the exciting features of the Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Towe Esplanade

Eiffel Tower Esplanade

The base area of the Eiffel Tower is known as the Esplanade, which is an area to stroll or relax and enjoy your view before entering the Eiffel Tower.

It is also a great place to capture photos of the latticed structure of the Eiffel Tower from a unique angle at the base!

Many small street performers and artists set up their shows at the esplanade every evening, which you can enjoy for free after visiting the Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower Gardens

The Gardens

Beautiful gardens surround the Eiffel Tower. On one side is Champ de Mars, which has hidden caves, ponds, and walkways you will love to discover.

It is a great spot to relax and watch the Eiffel Tower light shows or enjoy intimate conversations.

The gardens are also an excellent spot to set up a romantic picnic!

These gardens, including Champ de Mars, are one of the 21 best places offering a great view of the Eiffel Tower and are a must-visit for all nature lovers! 

First floor and Second floor

Eiffel Tower’s First and Second Levels

The first and second levels of the Eiffel Tower are lower than the Summit, but they both offer stunning views of Paris.

The first level is 57 meters (187 feet) above the ground, with clear flooring, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of walking on air over the river and garden! 

The second level is an excellent spot to watch attractions like the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur Basilica, and more from a new perspective! 

You can access both levels by elevator or staircase at your convenience. 

The Highest Observation Deck at the Summit

The Highest Observation Deck at the Summit

The Summit is one of the most romantic levels in the Eiffel Tower, as it offers an unobstructed and beautiful view of Paris at all times of the day.

It is surrounded by a glass-walled observation deck, allowing visitors to watch the entire city from a bird’s eye view at the top!

You can also enjoy the Champagne Bar at the Summit, the perfect spot to celebrate any special occasion or pop the question.

The Summit is only accessible by elevators from the second level of the Eiffel Tower. 

Eiffel Tower Elevators and Staircase

Eiffel Tower Elevators and Staircase

The Eiffel Tower has seven elevators, making it extremely accessible to all visitors planning to explore the Tower.

Three elevators lead from the esplanade to the first level and two from the second level to the summit of the Tower. 

One lift is reserved for visitors to Jules Verne Restaurant and the last for staff.

The elevators have glass windows, allowing you to watch the changing scenery of Paris as you ascend to the top. 

The Eiffel Tower has 674 steps open to the public, up to the second level of the structure. 

Eiffel tower restaurants

Eiffel Tower Restaurants

The Eiffel Tower has two Michelin-star restaurants, Madame Brasserie and Jules Verne, which serve the most delicious French food in Paris.

On the first and second levels, visitors can also enjoy food from international cuisines at the Eiffel Tower buffets.

The best souvenirs to take away from the Tower are the delicious Eiffel Tower-inspired Macarons from the Pierre Herme Macaron Bar! 

Eiffel Towe Esplanade

Gustave Eiffel Lounge 

Visitors can now organize private events, business meetings, and more inside the Eiffel Tower Lounge!

You can make your day special by celebrating inside the Eiffel Tower, with a close-up view of the structure on one side and the beautiful scenery of Paris on the other! 

Features of Tokyo Tower

The design of the TokyoTower stands out in Tokyo, as it is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, and its vibrant red and white colors capture the attention of all those passing by.

Here are some other features of the Tower that make it stand out from the other structures in Japan! 

Tokyo tower observation deck

Main Observation Deck

The Main Observation deck is 150 meters above ground level and offers a clear view of the nearby landmarks, including Mt Fuji and Tokyo Skytree.

It also houses a cafe called Cafe la Tour, where you can enjoy a warm cup of tea with a great view and leave with an official souvenir from the souvenir shop. 

Enjoy the experience of walking on air on this level at the Skywalk Window, similar to the clear glass flooring at the Eiffel Tower. 

You can also party at Club333 on this level, with the most stunning night time view of the lit-up Tokyo City. 

The deck also has a Tokyo Tower-shaped post box, and the Great Shinto Shrine is on the same floor. 

Tokyo Tower's Top Observation Deck

Tokyo Tower’s Top Observation Deck

The Top Observation Deck of the Tokyo Tower offers the most stunning view of the entire city’s skyline.

The ceiling of this deck has geometric glass panels, which reflect the scenery and lighting of the entire city and are lit up at night—a great opportunity for photographers!

A 13-language audio guide is available for the top observation deck and you can also rent binoculars for a better view of the city. 

Drinks and other services are available at the top deck.

To get to this deck, purchase your tickets at the attraction’s ticket counter. Hence, arrive early since they are limited in number. 

Tokyo Tower Elevators & Staircase

Tokyo Tower Elevators & Staircase

The Tokyo Tower has three elevators reserved for visitors to the top deck. Visitors can take the elevators from the main deck. 

You can access the main deck by climbing 600 stairs or taking the elevators.

The elevators can carry only five visitors at once. Hence, we recommend you take the stairs to the main deck to save time when visiting the Tower. 

Visitors taking the stairs can use the elevator when coming back down. 

Foot Town

Foot Town

The base of the Tokyo Tower is a building named Foot Town, where visitors can shop for souvenirs and visit museums and galleries inside the Tokyo Tower itself!

It is a great place to visit with children, as they can enjoy games and other fun activities in Foot Town.

Some of the facilities available in Foot Town are:

  • Nursing Room
  • Sports Massage Room
  • Smoking Room
  • Tower Gallery 
  • Tokyo Tower official shop and many jewelry shops
  • Food court, other small eateries, and much more! 

Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower: Which has the best features?

Eiffel Towe vs tokyo tower
Image: Aliaksei Skreidzeleu, Rabbit75_ist / Getty Images

Both the Tokyo Tower and the Eiffel Tower have unique features that make them worth your visit.

The Tokyo Tower has more entertainment than the Eiffel Tower, as it has so many floors and is almost like a mini-mall!

It is also much taller than the Eiffel Tower, with a unique deck, and offers a complete experience all in one place.

The only thing the Tokyo Tower does not offer is a fine dining experience, like the Eiffel Tower restaurants.

When we compare the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower for their experiences, the Tokyo Tower comes out at the top, as it provides a comprehensive visit! 

Location – Paris Eiffel Tower vs Red Tokyo Tower

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is located in Champ de Mars Gardens, beside the Seine River, in the 7th arrondissement.

It is visible from all over the city, as it is the tallest structure in Paris, and its location creates a perfect romantic ambiance!

Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France. Get Directions.

Tokyo Tower

The second tallest structure in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower, stands beside Shiba Park and Zojoji Temple.

Address: 4-chōme-2-8 Shibakōen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan. Get Directions 

These towers are some of the tallest buildings in their respective cities, hence, they can be located from far away and are easily accessible by public transportation. 

Opening Hours – Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower

Eiffel Towe vs tokyo tower opening hours

The Paris Eiffel Tower opens at 9.15 am and closes at 11 pm, with the last entry time being at 10.45 pm daily.

The staircase is open to the public from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, while the elevator is open from 9.30 am to 11 pm every day. 

The main deck of the Tokyo Tower is open from 9 am to 10.30 pm, and admission to this deck ends at 10 pm.

The top deck of the Tokyo Tower is open from 9 am to 11.15 pm, and visitors are allowed entry only till 10.45 pm. 

Please note: Please confirm the timings on the official websites for both towers before your visit, as the timings could change in different months and seasons. 

Expected Crowds- Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower

These attractions are world-famous, attracting different volumes of visitors every year.

The Paris Eiffel Tower receives over 7 million visitors every year. It is the most crowded during summer, from June to September.

The Tokyo Tower receives 4 million visitors every year, with the crowd increasing in spring and autumn, from March to May and September to November.

January and February are the best and least crowded months to visit the Paris Eiffel Tower. 

Tokyo is the least crowded in the months, from December to February and June and July, making it the best time to visit the Tokyo Tower. 

The best way to beat the crowds is to visit early in the morning, when the Towers open, or late evening. 

Conclusion: Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower, Which is the Best to Visit? 

Selecting one as the best between the two towers depends on the experiences you want to have and the city you plan to visit.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is perfect for a romantic date or celebrating any special occasion because of its romantic atmosphere and top-class facilities.

The Tokyo Tower is perfect for those who love doing adventurous activities and shopping, as it has many facilities.

Both Towers provide a great view of their respective cities! 

FAQs for Eiffel Tower vs Tokyo Tower

1. Is the Tokyo Tower bigger than the Eiffel Tower?

The Tokyo Tower is taller than the Eiffel Tower by 3 meters, even though it is a replica. The Eiffel Tower is 330 meters (1,083 feet) tall, while the Tokyo Tower stands at 333 meters (1,092 feet) tall. 

2. How many floors is Tokyo Tower?

The Tokyo Tower has 15 floors, with a foot town at the base and two observation decks at 150 meters and 250 meters above the ground. 

3. Is Tokyo Tower inspired by the Eiffel Tower?

Ans. Yes, the structure of the Tokyo Tower is a replica of the latticed structure of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The only major difference at first glance is the color difference, which is red and white. 

4. Does the Tokyo Tower light up at night?

The Tokyo Tower follows different themes of lighting on different days, known as the Landmark Light and the Infinity Diamond Veil. The show begins when the sun sets and sparkles for the first two minutes of every hour. The last show is at 12 am.   

5. What are the timings for the Eiffel Tower light shows? 

The Eiffel Tower light shows begin as soon as the sun sets. The show goes on for the first five minutes of every hour. The last light show is displayed at 11 pm every day. 

6. Between Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower, where can I expect fewer crowds?

Ans. The crowd intensity at the Tower depends on the time of the day and the month you decide to visit. The Tokyo Tower has fewer visitors than the Eiffel Tower. Hence, you can expect fewer crowds at the Tokyo Tower in Japan. 

7. Between the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower, which Tower is open later in the night?

The Eiffel Tower closes at 11 pm every night, later than the Tokyo Tower top deck, which closes at 10.45 pm. 

8. Which tower is cheaper to visit- the Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower?

The Tokyo Tower entry tickets are much cheaper than the Eiffel Tower tickets. The Tokyo Tower tickets cost ¥ 1,200 (€8), while the Eiffel Tower entry tickets cost €39 (¥ 4,266).  

9. Can you see Mt. Fuji from the Tokyo tower?

Yes, you can see Mt. Fuji from the Tokyo Tower when the sky is clear. This view is visible from the Main deck and the Top Deck. 

10. Which tower among the Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower has better restaurants? 

The Eiffel Tower has better restaurants than the Tokyo Tower when we consider the quality of services. But for those who want to have a quick and affordable meal, the Tokyo Tower restaurants and cafes are a better choice. 

Image: Thorsten technoman/Pexels, Kawamura_lucy/Getty Images