Eiffel Tower at Day vs Night- The Best Time to Visit!

Eiffel Tower at Day vs Night- The Best Time to Visit!

Are you confused about whether you should visit the Eiffel Tower during the day or night?

Visiting during the day or night offers an entirely different experience, and the views visible from the tower during the day and night are worth seeing.

In order to determine the most suitable time for your visit, it is important to understand the factors to consider and the advantages of visiting in the morning or evening. 

To make it easier for you to choose your time of visit, we have explored all the factors that will help you decide whether you should visit the Eiffel Tower during the day or night.

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Eiffel Tower Day vs Night Deciding Factors

To help clear up your confusion on whether you should visit the Eiffel Tower during the daytime or nighttime, it’s crucial to understand what different factors will influence the decision. 


Visitors planning to visit the Eiffel Tower during the day will see a completely different view and perspective of the Eiffel Tower than those visiting at night.

During the day, in the bright daylight, you can see all other attractions like the Seine River, the Louvre Museum, and many more Parisian highlights from the Tower. 

However, if you visit the Tower at night, you can see the sparkling city of Paris from its summit and watch the light shows from outside.

2. Crowd

The crowd at the Eiffel Tower is the least during the early morning hours before 10.30 am and after 5 pm.

If you are planning to visit later, during the afternoon or early evening, it is recommended that you purchase your ticket online so that you can skip the entry ticket line marked by a yellow flag.

You can directly move to the elevator or staircase line and show your ticket there to be escorted to the level of the Tower as per your ticket. 

Try to visit on weekdays, which are less crowded than weekends and festive days. 

3. Opening Hours

The Eiffel Tower opens at 9.15 am, and the elevator and staircase open to the public at 9.30 am.

For visitors planning to pay a visit during the day, we recommend you reach the Eiffel Tower half an hour before it opens to avoid the crowd. 

You can also book your tickets in advance online if you plan to visit later during the day.

This will allow you to skip the waiting line and move directly to the elevator or staircase line, as per the ticket you purchase. 

The Tower is open throughout the day and closes at 11.45 pm daily, allowing you to visit anytime at night. 

The admission time at the Tower ends at 10.45 pm hence, those visiting at night must arrive half an hour before to ensure they get in before the Tower closes. 

4. Cost

A standard entry ticket with access to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower by elevator costs €20 and is best for those traveling on a budget.

The cost for the Eiffel Tower tickets is the same whether you visit during the day or night. 

For those planning their Eiffel Tower night visits, we recommend you purchase an elevator ticket since the staircase closes at 5.30 pm daily.

5. Your Expectations

We recommend visitors come early in the morning if they want to have a calming day, as they can explore the Tower at their own pace and have a simple breakfast at Madame Brasserie afterward.

Those who want to explore other attractions like the Trocadero Gardens, Aquarium de Paris, the Louvre Museum, etc, along with the Eiffel Tower, should also consider planning a day trip. 

Visitors looking to experience the nightlife in Paris along with the Eiffel Tower illuminations must plan a visit to the Tower in the evening.

They can explore all the levels of the Tower before sunset and watch the city lights turn on, followed by the spectacular light show from outside the Tower.

This course of action is highly recommended on festive occasions so you don’t miss the special light shows conducted only on the festival day. 

Should you Visit During the Day or Night? Our Recommendation

When comparing the Eiffel Tower day vs night, we have a hack that can help you witness the beauty of the Eiffel Tower in both daylight and nightlight with a bonus view of sunset. 

We recommend visiting the Tower an hour before the sun sets, giving yourself enough time to explore the levels when the crowd is less.

You can go up to the Summit and watch the stunning scenery of the sky turn from a bright blue to the innumerable colors of the sunset falling over the city of Paris. 

While watching the sunset, you can enjoy a crisp glass of champagne from the Champagne Bar, which closes at 10 pm, or a filling dinner at one of the Eiffel Tower restaurants at 6.30 pm. 

Planning your visit at this time allows you to watch the splendid light show outside the Tower for a comprehensive experience, all at the price of one ticket! 

Following this schedule will ensure you can also make time to visit many other monuments, which are less crowded during the morning and afternoon hours. 

This is an excellent opportunity for photographers as they can capture photos from the inside and outside under all lighting conditions.

Photos of the Eiffel Tower light shows cannot be used commercially or professionally unless you receive permission from the authorities. You can share them on social media for personal use.

Benefits of visiting the Eiffel Tower Day vs Night: Different Experiences

When picking between visiting the Eiffel Tower day vs night, it is essential to know of the benefits of visiting the Tower at both times.

Benefits of visiting the Eiffel Tower in the Daytime 

If you are still unsure if you want to visit during the daytime or nighttime, here are some benefits as to why visiting during the day is a better option for you:

  • Visiting early in the morning before 9.15 am ensures you will have to stand in a shorter queue and can get in faster. 

  • When visiting in the morning, you can explore other attractions like the Louvre Museum, Aquarium de Paris, Trocadero Gardens, etc., which are within walking distance from the Eiffel Tower simultaneously.

  • The Eiffel Tower and the streets of Paris are easier to explore in the daytime and better suited for those traveling with children.  

  • Having a calming picnic with good conversation early in the morning in the Champ de Mars garden while watching the Eiffel Tower is a great start to a peaceful day in Paris. 

  • For those visiting the Tower during the daytime, one great news is that they can have Lunch at Madame Brasserie for a lesser price than dinner during a nighttime visit.

These are the experiences that you can have during the daytime. 

Nighttime brings along its exciting perks like light shows, night markets, etc. 

Read further to discover the experiences you can have at night when visiting the Eiffel Tower. 

Benefits of visiting the Eiffel Tower during Nighttime

  • The Eiffel Tower light shows begin as soon as the sun sets. This sight can be seen only at night. On special occasions, unique light shows are organized that are only once a year at night.

  • The sparkling Tower reflected on the Seine River with the beautiful city of love,  Paris, as your background makes for the most romantic setting and is a must-visit with your loved one. 

  • The nights in Paris are cooler in temperature, allowing you to explore the Tower and other attractions while avoiding the glaring heat of the sun. 

  • The transport to the Eiffel Tower is less crowded than in the day as fewer locals explore the streets at night on weekdays, making it easier for you to travel to the Tower comfortably.

  • On the 14th July every year, the Tower organizes a fireworks display to celebrate France’s national holiday, which can be seen only at 11 pm.

  • Having dinner at the Eiffel Tower is a magical experience with a peaceful view of the sparkling city in the distance, and it is a great place to take memorable photos. 

  • You can also entertain yourself by watching the several street performers around the Eiffel Tower perform every night. 

Things to do at the Eiffel Tower in the morning

Visiting the Eiffel Tower as soon as it opens has its perks and provides a unique experience compared to visiting in the evening.

Here is a list of some exciting things you can do at the Tower in the morning time:

1. Gain Early Access to the Levels of the Tower

If you arrive early in the morning, you will find the Tower less crowded.

The Eiffel Tower is open for admission at 9.15 am daily, and visitors can begin purchasing their tickets at this time.

Those who purchase their tickets online can skip the ticket booking line, giving them a shorter wait time. 

Visitors are let into the Tower at 9.30 am as the staircase and elevator are open to the public from this time.

You can also ascend the Tower faster since fewer people are in the staircase and elevator line. 

The different levels of the Tower will also be less crowded, allowing you to explore the area peacefully and at your own pace. 

2. Enjoy Breakfast or Lunch at the Tower

The Eiffel Tower has Michelin-star restaurants known for serving delicious delicacies from French cuisine and are a must-try by all visitors.

On the first level of the Tower, Madame Brasserie restaurant, run by 2-star Michelin Chef Thierry Marx, serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Visitors can walk in without booking their ticket in advance as seating is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

You cannot book reservations for breakfast online; hence, we recommend you arrive early in the morning. 

Breakfast consists of traditional dishes native to France, such as croissants, hot toast, perfectly brewed coffee, a wide variety of teas, and more. 

Lunch at Madame Brasserie is made with local ingredients that are organically grown and fresh.

Two menu options are available: Madame Menu and Brasserie Menu, and a children’s menu specially designed for young tastebuds. 

We highly recommend you purchase lunch tickets online, ensuring you can find seating with a great view and avoid missing out due to the crowd in the afternoon. 

Le Jules Verne, a 1-star Michelin restaurant on the second level of the Tower, only has lunch and dinner options available for tourists, with dishes inspired by the Eiffel Tower. 

The prices for lunch in both these restaurants are lower than the dinner options; hence, those traveling on a budget must check them out during the day! 

3. Capture Less Crowded Photos 

Since the crowds in the Tower are less during the day, you can capture excellent photos of yourself inside the Tower. 

The windows on different levels will be empty, allowing photographers and others to capture captivating skyline pictures from different angles.

You can use your portrait or group photographs as souvenirs as there will be very few people, and no one will interrupt your long photoshoot sessions inside the Tower. 

The morning light will create a soft glow in all your pictures at the top of the Tower and showcase a different atmosphere in all your photographs. 

You can try capturing many different perspective photos from the staircase and elevators, as they will also be less crowded in the morning. 

Read our article to learn secret spots to click less crowded Eiffel Tower photos.

4. Have a Clear View of Other Attractions

The Eiffel Tower stands at a height of 1,083 feet and is the tallest structure in the City of Paris.

Visitors looking from the second level or summit of the Tower can expect to see an unobstructed view of the different attractions close to the Tower and a clear view of the Seine River from above.

Some attractions that are visible from the Eiffel Tower are:

  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Trocadero
  • The Louvre Museum, and more!

You can view a different perspective of all these famous structures before visiting them from the inside, from the Summit in the daytime. 

5. A Perfect Time to Meet Locals! 

Early in the morning is the perfect time to exercise, and the view of the Tower only adds to all the fun!

Champ de Mars and Trocadero Gardens are the perfect places to jog or work out, and many locals come here daily to exercise, with a splendid view of the Tower. 

You can continue your exercise by walking up the staircase of the Tower to the second level and enjoy the spectacular view of the city. 

Those out on an exercise can end their workout with a delicious and healthy breakfast at Madame Brasserie, which uses the freshest local ingredients that are grown organically.

Things to do at the Eiffel Tower in the Evening/Night time Visit

The Eiffel Tower at night or during the evening provides a magical experience to all visitors with a captivating view that can only be seen from the Tower.

Here are some of the things you can do at the Tower in the evening to end your day in a memorable way: 

1. Watch the Sunset from the Tower

You can watch the skyline of Paris change from a bright blue sky to a sky dipped in sunset colors and, finally, a star-filled sky from the Summit of the Eiffel Tower.

It is a breathtaking scenery, and at the price of a single ticket, you can view the skyline from innumerable perspectives. 

You can also watch the Eiffel Tower standing tall against the sunset from anywhere outside the Tower, followed by the famous light shows. 

This view creates the most romantic atmosphere and is a great way to begin your night in Paris. 

2. Have a Lavish Dinner

Madame Brasserie and Jules Verne serve the most lavish dinner options with the most authentic dishes from French cuisine that are a must-try! 

Chef Thierry Marx, who runs Madame Brasserie, prepares the best quality traditional meals highly recommended for people who want to learn more about the French cuisine. 

They have two menus, The Gustave Menu and Grande Dame Menu, offering a wide variety of dishes and a separate children’s menu. 

You can dine here without prior booking, but we recommend you reserve your seats in advance online to avoid missing out. 

On the second level, Le Jules Verne also has great dining options for dinner, and you can choose between a 5-course meal or a 7-course meal. 

You must book your reservations in advance online for Jules Verne restaurant. 

Watching the sunset while dining in the Tower is highly recommended for foodies and those visiting for the first time! 

3. Watch the Eiffel Tower Light Show

The Eiffel Tower light show begins as soon as the sun sets daily and sparkles for five minutes at the beginning of every hour until 11 pm.

Watching the sparkling light shows is highly recommended to all visitors and is only visible at nighttime.

The best places in Paris for a clear view of the light shows are:

  • Champ de Mars garden 
  • Trocadero Platform and Gardens 
  • Seine River

You can also get a different up-close view of the lights shown inside the tower and watch them reflect on the river from above.

All the lights in the tower, including the beacon at the top, are turned off at 11.45 pm every night.

These timings may change on festive occasions.

4. Experience the Parisian Lifestyle

As night falls, the area outside the Tower becomes an attractive spot for local artists and performers to put on incredible and exciting performances. 

Several night markets are organized on special occasions, selling the best souvenirs and dishes that reflect the Parisian culture.

There are also several bus tours, bike tours, and private car tours organized at night, which take you all around the city and help you learn so much more about the lifestyle and history of Paris.

History buffs and adventurous people will significantly enjoy the city’s atmosphere at night! 

5. Seine River Cruise 

Riding a Seine River cruise is the best option to explore the city and watch the sparkling Eiffel Tower at night!

It offers the best view of the shimmering Tower, reflected on the surface of the still water, and is an excellent place for photographs.

While watching the Tower, you can also have champagne or a late dinner on the cruise.

You can even have a  fun waffle snack on the cruise if you do not want to have a full 3-course meal. 

The cruise takes you to all the famous landmarks in Paris while you relax in your comfortable seats with weather-controlled interiors to keep you safe from the cold in winter. 

FAQs for Eiffel Tower Day vs Night

Is it better to go up the Eiffel Tower during the day or night?

 The choice depends on what you expect to see and experience from the Tower. We highly recommend you visit the tower at night for the most unique experience with a great view.

Is it cheaper to dine at the Eiffel Tower restaurant in the day or night?

The prices for lunch at the Eiffel Tower are comparatively cheaper than having dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Here are the prices for you to compare:

Lunch at Madame Brasserie: €61
Dinner at Madame Brasserie: €128 
• Jules Verne A la carte menu for lunch: €160
• Jules Verne 5-course meal (lunch and dinner): €255 
• Jules Verne 7-course meal (lunch and dinner): €275

Is the crowd less at the Tower in the morning or night?

The Tower is less crowded early in the morning before 10.30 am and in the evening after 5 pm. You have more time to explore the Tower if you visit at night since the Tower closes at 11.45 pm.

Does the Eiffel Tower go dark at night?

Yes, the Eiffel Tower light shows ends at 11 pm, and all the lights and beacons of the Tower are shut off at 11.45 pm to conserve electricity.

Is it cheaper to purchase Eiffel Tower tickets in the morning?

 The Eiffel Tower ticket prices are the same in the morning and the evening. The standard ticket for the Eiffel Tower costs €20. 

What time will the Eiffel Tower sparkle?

The Eiffel Tower’s illuminations begin as soon as the sun sets and sparkles for five minutes at the beginning of every hour. The last sparkle happens at 11 pm, a must-see as it is slightly different from the others, with lights moving in a rhythmic pattern.

How long does it take to go up the Eiffel Tower? 

Without counting the time you will have to wait in the lines, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to reach the Summit of the Tower by elevator. Visiting the Tower early in the morning or at night is recommended to reduce waiting time in the lines. 

Featured image : AI Stock photos by Vecteezy